One of the key reasons why I started 3MW Studio was to host a positive photography experience with my clients. Whether they want me to photograph them, their family, their pet(s), or a product, I want people to walk away from the experience with a smile and a happy memory to match their images.”

Photography and cameras run in Jack McCallum’s blood. Her grandfather, Roland, and grandmother, Anna, were always taking photographs of friends and family or experimenting with video. And at the age 10, when Jack received her first camera (a Kodak point-and-shoot), she followed in their footsteps.

Though envisioning the life of a starving artist and traveling the world with her cameras, Jack took the more traditional route and went to university to earn business degrees – all the while capturing the world around her on film. After working in the corporate world and starting her own business, the itch to return to her roots became overwhelming and 3MW Studio was born.

With Roland and Anna’s cameras in her office as inspiration, Jack has adjusted her focus to capture life’s moments – whether it be a portrait, landscape, or still life. Her versatility with a camera and adaptability to the client’s needs creates a quality image which ignites a demand for her services.